About the project

Tech tool for self-empowerment

We are a creative solution for mental problems that combines psychotherapy, art and gamification into a technological tool for self-empowerment.

Our innovative digital psychotherapy combines applicable psychological methods for various of problems.

The future of mental health is self-care

For our clients we are providing subscription model which costs $17 per month for B2C and $15 for B2B.

Application includes :

  • Unique projective guide to build personalized structure of the psychotherapeutic process.
  • Emergency aid for those who are struggling with panic attacks.
  • Consistent support of self-care for those who are struggling with depression or anxiety.
  • Art based assessment for those who can’t verbalize their feelings or mental conditions.
  • Gamification of user experience to increase customer engagement

Unique selling proposition

  • providing care for the mental wellbeing
  • accessible and quick method to take better care for the mental wellness (with the long term goal of creating consistency in self-care)
  • visual tool for evaluation and building of a personalized digital psychotherapy routine

AlterEgo Therapy

Our basic solution will include: visual projective guide - in which before every psychological task you are to choose first and second priority based on 8 images to evaluate your mental state and to create the structure of your next task.

Main psychotherapy task - in this task you should imagine, describe or create, then write down your thoughts, get feedback on yourself and recommendations on what would be useful for you or some kind of philosophical teachings to awake the awareness.